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LG Appliance Repair Regina

LG Appliance Repair Regina

Saqmsung Appliance repairs Regina, LG Appliance Repairs Regina


LG Appliance Repair Services

in Regina


LG used to be seen as a budget brand in the west, a very long time ago. But, like many electronics giants from Korea, they’ve become one of the most popular choices for everything from microwaves to fridges, and everything in between. In fact, since they rebranded from Goldstar to LG in 1995, the sky has been the limit for this Seoul based electronics manufacturer.

It’s really no wonder that so many Canadian homes have at least one LG appliance somewhere. They’re known for their innovative technology and quality materials and construction. But even the best brands sometimes break or malfunction. When you need an LG appliance repair in Regina, we’re here for you. We work on LG fridges, LG cooktops, LG dishwashers and LG washing machines. Got something else with an LG badge on it? Ask us – we might be able to help! however LG Appliance Repair Regina, LG Appliance Repairs Regina

Why choose us for your LG Appliance Repair Regina?

When you have a high-quality appliance that isn’t working properly, the last thing you want to do is take chances. Approved, trained, and certified LG appliance repair shops will only ever use the right branded or approved parts for your repair. They’ll have access to all the best technical information from LG, and they will offer warranties on repairs. As Regina’s leading LG appliance repair store, we do all that and more!  therefore LG Appliance Repair Regina, LG Appliance Repairs Regina

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LG Cooktop Repair Regina

A broken cooktop not only means you can’t cook properly (or at all), but it could also be dangerous. LG cooktops, like any other brand out there, area a combination of many components, including electrical wiring. When something goes wrong with that wiring, it not only affects your cooking, but it could also cause a dangerous short. We work on all models and types of LG cooktop to quickly find the problem, and safely fix it. LG Stove Repair Regina, LG Cooktop Repair Regina

LG Stove Repair Regina

There are many things that could go wrong with your LG stove. Maybe the thermostat isn’t working, or maybe the lightbulb keeps going out. Sometimes, the element doesn’t heat up enough, or gets too hot. Or sometimes, it’s just a mechanical problem, like a door that won’t shut all the way. Whatever the problem with your LG stove is, our team of LG appliance experts can help. We’ve got the knowledge, parts, and tools to quickly diagnose the problem, and get you back to baking and roasting fast! LG Stove Repair Regina, LG Cooktop Repair Regina

samsung cooktop repair regina, Samsung stove repair Regina

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Samsung Washer Repair Regina, Samsung dryer Repair Regina

LG Washer Repair Regina

Everyone hates laundry day. But you really don’t know what a bad laundry day is until your washer isn’t working! If your LG washer needs repairs, don’t worry. We’ve been working on them for many years, and we can fix all the most common problems. Plus, a whole lot you’ve never heard of!

Whether your machine doesn’t fill, won’t spin, doesn’t drain, or sounds funny, we can help! Our repair men can fix all the electronic, electrical, and mechanical problems you can think of. They’ll even find and fix common plumbing problems like washer pipes that leak!

Book a LG Washer Repair Regina technician's visit today! LG Washer Repair Regina, LG Dishwasher Repair Regina

LG Dryer Repair Regina

If a washer that doesn’t work is a bad day, a dryer that’s out of service is a nightmare. You can’t wait while damp clothes pile up! So, call us for fast, friendly, expert LG dryer repair in Regina. We’re fast too – most of our customers get their dryer fixed within 48 hours of their call! LG Dryer Repair Regina

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LG Fridge Repair Regina

Is your fridge running? That might have been a funny joke when phones still had cords, but it’s not amusing when the answer is no. When you’ve got ice melting on the floor and food that’s going bad, you need help fast. Our team of LG fridge repair specialists in Regina know that, so we’re always ready to come to you when you need us. We work on fridge compressors, door seals, leaks, blockages and more. In fact, anything that’s keeping your LG fridge from working properly is as good as history with our team. So, call us now to get your fridge fixed fast! LG Fridge Repair Regina

LG Dishwasher Repair Regina

When your dishwasher breaks down, you’ve got two choices: get your hands dirty, or call us to fix it fast!

No one wants to do dishes the old-fashioned way, and why should you? Our LG dishwasher repair experts in Regina are fast, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They’ll come to you, find the problem fast, and usually, fix it on the spot. Because a mountain of dishes is not an option, and neither are dishpan hands! LG Appliance Repair Regina, LG Appliance Repairs Regina



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