We offer top of the line appliance repair services to all of  Regina.
City Master - Regina Appliance Repair Services have worked with a loyal customer base on all major brands of washing machines, dishwashers and clothes dryers for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on giving the best advice and getting your appliances up and running as quickly as possible.
Our Services are fast, affordable and customer service is unmatched. Check out our Appliance Repair Regina services

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    Welcome to City Master

    Appliance Repair Services Regina

    Our Goal Is: To provide you with the best appliance repair services.

    Our Motto Is: Relax! We’ll take it from here!

    Appliances are great machines that make life much easier. They allow us to preserve and store our food, to cook creative meals, and clean our dishes and fabrics while we can focus on other things. However, like all devices, whether it’s your fridge or washing machines, they need to be maintained and sometimes repaired.

    At City Master - Appliance Repair Regina, we are a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing fast and effective appliance repairs. We have all of the proper tools, knowledge and experience to complete almost any appliance repair job! And we’ve saved our customers hundreds of dollars on appliance repairs. So if your appliance is in need of repairs, you can contact us by phone or by email.

    Call :  (306) 400-5524

    Appliance Repair Saskatoon

    Oven & Stove Repair Services

    So for fast professional Appliance Repair Regina services on your oven or stove our friendly customer service number a call now. We are ready to deliver you fast in home appliance repair services and installations.

    Appliance Repair Saskatoon

    Cooktop Repair Services

    Your cooktop is an important appliance for your comfort and lifestyle and unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. That's where City Master - Regina Appliance Repair Servicess come in, with the most reliable appliance repair service around.

    Appliance Repair Regina

    Dishwasher Repair Services

    We've worked with a loyal customer base on all major brands of dishwashers  for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on giving the best advice and getting your appliances up and running as quickly as possible. Check out our Appliance Repair Regina services.

    Appliance Repair Regina

    Fridge Repair Services

    City Master - Regina Appliance Repair Servicess can visit your home and repair your fridge on site. So for fast reliable fridge repair Regina give us a call. We service and repair all major refrigerator brands. Check out our Appliance Repair Regina services.

    Dryer Repair Services

    Dryer not heating up or not spinning? For fast reliable dryer repair Regina give us a call. Our successful history of dryer repair means that you can rest easy knowing that the job has been done right.

    Washer Repair Services

    Your washing machine is one of your home most used appliances and when things go wrong, you want them fixed quickly and efficiently. Our expert washer technicians are able to repair a wide variety of washing machine faults and breakdowns.

    Call :  (306) 400-5524




    Very good and professional service!
    Joe Ritzau
    Joe Ritzau
    16:10 06 Jul 19
    City Master was quick to respond when we called with a broken washing machine. They came within 4 hours and had the machine inspected. The technician was very nice and professional. They will be coming back within a day or two with the new part to repair the machine. I am very satisfied with the service!
    Jessica Law
    Jessica Law
    23:57 20 Feb 19
    Quick service! my dishwasher was not draining properly i called elite to come and fix it the repair man came he was really polite within one hour my dishwasher was back and running! I highly recommend elite for your repairs
    Amanda Serio
    Amanda Serio
    16:30 16 Feb 19
    Very happy with the prompt and efficient service. When I described the issue with my washing machine, they quickly diagnosed the problem and returned the next day with a replacement part. The tech showed me the old part and the replacement part which helped me understand the issue.
    Jordan Hons
    Jordan Hons
    19:05 06 Sep 18

    A Comprehensive Appliance Repair Service

    At City Master - Appliance Repair Services Regina, isn’t here to make a quick profit. So, when one of our technicians is working on your appliance, you’ll notice the quality of work. With every repair job, we start by running some diagnostics. This will allow us to isolate the problem(s) and take steps to fix it properly. And depending on the circumstances, this can mean a quick repair, or part replacement. Sometimes repairing the appliance is not worth the trouble. Whatever the case is, our technician will offer you the best (most cost efficient) solution.

    Our team can repair almost every appliance including: fridges, stoves, ovens, washers, dryers and dishwashers. And it doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, luxurious or standard. We repair all brands and models.

    If your appliance is in need of maintenance or repairs, our technician will leave it running like new!

    Highly Experienced Appliance Technicians

    At City Master - Appliance Repair Services Regina, we’ve carefully hired and trained our technicians. And thanks to our commercial vehicles, our technicians are fully supplied with everything they need to complete your appliance repair. The vehicles allow us to carry diagnostics tools, repair tools and even spare parts!

    We get that well-rounded service doesn’t exclusively mean quality work. City Master - Appliance Repair Services Regina takes pride in delivery quality customer experiences. Call and see! It will be our pleasure to answer any of your questions about our services as well as any concerns you may have about your appliance. And we’ll schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient to you. Our certified appliance repair experts will create a professional working environment.

    City Master - Appliance Repair Services Regina technicians can complete almost any appliance repair job. We’ll get your appliance running smoothly in no time!

    Our Appliance Repair Services – Regina

    We understand the stresses that come with a broken down appliance. It can completely disrupt your ability to do chores, prepare food and ultimately negatively impact your schedule. That’s what City Master - Appliance Repair Services Regina, has built or services around fixing appliances quickly and effectively. So don’t let your malfunctioning appliance throw you off your game. We’ll get you back on track as soon as possible.

    City Master - Appliance Repair Services Regina -  offers a wide range of appliance repair services in Regina.

    Oven repair, Stove repair, Washer repair, Dishwasher repair, Dryer repair, Freezer repair and Refrigerator repair.

    Washer Repair Regina

    Washer Repairs Regina

    Washing machines are amazing appliances. With them we can passively wash all of our fabrics – allowing us to focus on other, more pertinent objectives. Thanks to these devices, the bar for clean clothes, towels, bedsheets and many other fabrics has been seriously raised. Before washing machines, we had to clean our fabrics by hand. And this could take many hours. But thanks to washing machines we can all be a little cleaner for a lot less work.

    Washers are complex machines. They’re a system of moving parts that enable a large chamber to thoroughly rinse and wash our fabrics. However, when one part of this system starts to break down, it inevitably affects the appliance as a whole. That’s because, when one part is lagging, the parts that do work properly need to work harder. Eventually, if left unchecked, the washer will stop work. It’s best to avoid that. If you hear any load sounds coming from your machine, or you’ve noticed the water isn’t filling up or draining, it’s time for some appliance repairs.

    City Master - Washer Repair Services Regina, has repaired countless washing machines over the years. We know them inside out! And that’s true for modern, luxurious models, as well as older more basic washers. Our friendly staff will create a professional working environment. And we work hard to provide you with a great customer experience as well as quality repairs.

    Dryer Repairs Regina

    Dryer’s work hand-in-hand with washers. These appliances are convenient drying machines that get our clothes ready quickly and effectively! Dryers are especially useful in northern climates. In warmer areas of the world, you can simply leave your clothes outside to dry. However, with rain and snow for more than half the year, we need something to get the job done inside.

    Dryers use a chamber to move your clothes and heat them. This chamber is moved by a system of gears and bearings. It’s not uncommon to hear loud clanking noises in the dryer. Often we forget change in our pockets, or the zippers from our clothes smack against the interior of the appliance. However, if you hear a rhythmic thumping sound coming from your dryer, it could be the belt that is broken. In other scenarios, your dryer might not be producing heat or the knobs and buttons on your control panel may not be working.

    City Master - Dryer Repair Services Regina technicians will arrive in a commercial vehicle carrying everything they need to fix almost any appliance repair job. We have everything from diagnostics tools to spare parts. Our technician will assess the situation and explain to you the costs before starting the repairs. If you’re happy with the pricing, you can consider your dryer repaired! If you need your dryer repaired in Regina, call or send us an email. We’ll book an appointment and send a technician at your convenience.


    dryer Repair Regina
    fridge Repair Regina

    Fridge Repairs Regina

    Is your Fridge staying cool? A Fridge allows us to store our food for a very long time. Foods that would normally go bad and become hazardous to eat, can be kept fresh and safe to eat. And this can help us plan for the future. However, if your Fridge stops working, it can be devastating. All the food you have been storing will need to be cooked right away or simply go to waste. So it’s important to keep an eye on your Fridge .

    Depending on what kind of Fridge you have, it might be part of your fridge. And that’s the case, there’s a good chance your fridge is also experiencing problems. You might also have a larger chest Fridge . Regardless, the issues won’t vary too much. Sometimes the motor is over working or breaking down. In other situations, you might notice that there is a build up of ice or that it isn’t freezing at all. It’s also possible to hear our sounds such as gurgling and sizzling noises. And this can have a variety of implications.

    If your Fridge is breaking down or needs maintenance, City Master - Fridge Repair Services Regina, can help! Our technicians will arrive on the scene as soon as possible. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem, find a solution and ultimately get your Fridge working again quickly and efficiently. Call now and get your Fridge repaired today – Regina.


    Freezer Repairs Regina

    Similar to your fridge, the freezer has its place among the important appliances of the household. Thanks to this appliance, our ability to preserve food has been completely revolutionized. By freezing food, we effectively increase our food’s shelf life tenfold. Conversely, when a freezer breaks down there’s a lot to lose.

    Our technicians know how to fix freezers of most makes and models. If your freezer is making clicking, gurgling or sizzling noises it could imply several problems. Otherwise the most obvious sign is when sheets of ice or frost are building up along the walls of the freezer. Similar to the fridge, leaking water is a sign your freezer is in need of repairs.

    City Master - Appliance Repair Services technicians are friendly, professional and punctual. Often when a freezer stops working, you either need to fix is as soon as possible, or start cooking. For any freezer repairs call us now! We’ll get you freezer working quickly, so you don’t have to worry about losing it’s contents.


    Oven Repairs Regina

    There’s nothing quite like a homemade meal fresh out of the oven. Cooking and baking with this appliance can be a fun and creative experience. However, when your oven isn’t working properly, it can be quite annoying and possibly hazardous. Because ovens can generate intense heat, it’s a good idea to keep it maintained and to get repaired when it’s broken.

    Most of the time, when your oven is malfunctioning it’s more of a nuisance than a hazard. Sometimes, your food will cook unevenly. And this can mean that the elements are burnt out. Sometimes the light in the oven needs to be replaced, or the door won’t shut. With more modern ovens (especially luxurious models), there are a variety of more complex issues that can arise. For instance, some of the latest ovens implement a lot of sensors and also come with remote control capabilities. And while these are very neat technologies, these can also impact the performance of your oven.

    Although, whether your oven is old and basic or the latest and greatest, our certified technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience to diagnose your appliance and come up with the best solution. At the City Master - Oven Repair Services, we aren’t simply trying to give your appliance a quick fix. We want to help you get the most out of your oven.


    oven stove Repair Regina

    Stove Repairs Regina

    Stoves are a fantastic appliance. With them we can create a variety of unique and delicious meals. Perhaps you like to make stir fries, or maybe pasta is your dish of choice. Stoves generate high levels of heat within minutes! So no matter what it is you like to make, a stove allows you to cook your food quickly and get great results. However, when a stove breaks down, or is not functioning properly, it’s not just inconvenient, it can also be dangerous.

    It’s important to stay vigilant with your stove. We’ve all been taught to be absolutely certain that we turn the burner off when we’re done. That’s because it can cause a fire if we’re not careful. And that’s also a good reason to have your stove checked from time to time. Here are some signs your stove needs some repairs: your electric cooktop won’t turn on, electric coils won’t heat, can’t adjust the temperatures or the burners, or your indicator lights won’t turn on. It’s always good to get issues checked out sooner than later. If you neglect your stove, you increase the risk of an accident, or turning a small issue into a large problem.

    For any stove repairs in Regina, City Master - Stove Repair Services has a team of trained and certified technicians ready to work. Our experts will get your appliance fixed with efficiency so you can get back to what’s important. So if you have any concerns whatsoever concerning your stove, call now.


    Dishwasher Repairs Regina

    Do you love washing dishes? Neither do we. Thanks to this great device, you don’t have to! All you have to do is place your dirty dishes on the rack, put some detergent in, close the door and press start. With organized racks for our plates, utensils and glasses, cleaning a lot of dishes has never been easier. However, with time and use, these helpful appliances stop performing as the used one did. That’s where an appliance technician comes in handy.

    There are a few signs that your dishwasher needs some maintenance of repairs. If your dishes aren’t coming out as clean that’s a good sign your dishwasher is in need of repairs. Additional signs include: the water won’t drain, it over fills or under fills, rust is building up on the interior and the dishes may not be hot when the cycle is over. And in an urgent circumstance, water might be leaking from your dishwasher.

    Whether you need your appliance repaired as soon as possible or simply need some maintenance done, City Master - Dishwasher Repair Services Regina -  can help. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle almost any appliance repair. And if the circumstance is urgent we can get a professional to you in a matter of hours. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer experience and providing quality appliance repairs – Regina.



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